White-throated Dipper

There’s a gorge not far from our house in Salzburg called the Glasenbach Klamm. It’s full of really great rock formations, a number of significant fossils have been found there over the decades, and it also has some nice wildlife. One of the species that I’ve tried photographing a couple of times is the White-throated Dipper. I really like this species because it is so unique in its behaviour. It is the only passerine or ‘song’ bird in Europe that dives into water and searches for food at the bottom of fast flowing streams. It stays down by holding its wings and tail at an angle against the current and goes after aquatic insects.

It’s a bit hard to predict where they will turn up along the gorge, but I chose a spot and set up my hide. The dipper did put in an appearance, though not quite where I wanted it. Better luck next time. Plenty of other species stopped by as well, including a Robin and a Grey Wagtail.

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